Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Beginnings 4

Don't get me wrong though, this blog isn't about me wallowing in self-pity. Aside from the occasional bout of soul-crushing depression, I generally have a fairly upbeat attitude. I don't know how much of it will show through here, but I have a cynically sarcastic outlook on life. I always try to interject humor into situations; sometimes inappropriately. As a coping mechanism I've developed a self-deprecating style of humor; making fun of myself first deflects others from doing it for me.

Also, this kind of self-indulgent personal introspection is not going to be the norm for the blog. I have a certain amount that I need to do, but after that I'll get into the real meat of the blog: an attempt to develop an all-encompassing centrist philosophy. I'll be tackling a number of political and social issues. While I won't delude myself into believing that I'll have anything significantly new to say on any particular issue; I do hope that what I have to say is at least somewhat thought-provoking.

Essentially, this blog is a place for me to say all the things I can't say in real life. I realise I'm probably only talking to myself at the moment; but I hope I'll eventually attract others to read what I'm writing. The personal material is necessary to establish a foundation; it's not an attempt to get others to feel sorry for me. I don't need pity; understanding would be cool.

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